Abstract painting is a doorway through which I am able to access a deeper knowing of the truth of my being.  My inspiration is color and the intense emotional responses it provokes in me.  The combination of two or more colors harmonizing together creates an energy that then becomes the essence of the painting.  I work spontaneously, finding beauty in the unexpected meandering lines, curves and shapes that form through the layers of dripping paint.  

I was trained as a representational artist and graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2001.  My first love was portraiture and I took every life drawing class I could.  After painting portraits professionally for 12 years, it took me by surprise in 2013 when I returned to painting after having my second child and portraits suddenly felt tedious.  I had always loved color but certain colors had become an obsession (turquoise-green for one) and I felt strongly compelled to paint them.  I floundered about with this for a couple of years...painting squares and circles and various shapes that I felt were taking attention away from the energy that I wanted to portray through the colors.  One day in exasperation, I splashed some paint onto a blank canvas.  As it was dripping the shapes caught my eye; they were unpredictable and organic and I loved them!  Painting then became a co-creation with gravity and is still an ever evolving exploration of emotion, beauty and self-awareness.