I fell in love with oil painting in my early 20's.  After graduating from the Academy of Art University in 2001, I've enjoyed a diverse journey as a working artist.  First, 3 years in San Francisco as a 3D character artist for the video game industry. In 2004, life and love brought me to Connecticut where I have been painting portraits of people and their pets, among other things, for over a decade.  While I still do portrait commissions, my passion for the last four years has been abstract oil painting.  I create custom color paintings for people to beautify their living and work spaces.  I am also in the process of designing patterns to adorn pillows, furniture, walls and other home decor items.

My abstract oil paintings are inspired by the beauty of color, the joy that it brings me and a desire to put that out to the world.  There are a few, very precise colors that I have always loved; others a more brief infatuation, as if they are offering me something I am craving in that period of time.  The mixing of luscious, richly pigmented oil paints is intensely gratifying.  I work intuitively, allowing the thinned paint to flow through the canvas creating shapes and pathways that reveal new possibilities for the direction of the piece.

For me, color and beauty are inextricably linked.  Beauty is defined as the quality of a person or thing that evokes intense pleasure or deep satisfaction.  It strikes us sometimes when we least expect it or most need it, giving us a shot of pleasure to help us be more present and appreciative. My turquoise coffee table is a bottomless well of good feelings for me.  While painting,  I am constantly asking myself, "How can I make this more beautiful?  What can I bring to enhance the irresistability of this color?" I strive to showcase the beauty of my color subject and to create art that is both moving and easy to be with.