The mixing of luscious, richly pigmented oil paints is intensely gratifying.  I work intuitively, allowing the thinned paint to flow through the canvas creating shapes and pathways that reveal new possibilities for the direction of the piece.  I find color and beauty to be inextricably linked.  Beauty strikes us sometimes when we least expect it or most need it, giving us a shot of pleasure to help us be more present and appreciative. My turquoise coffee table is a bottomless well of good feelings for me.  While painting,  I am constantly asking myself, "How can I make this more beautiful?  What can I bring to enhance the irresistability of this color?" I strive to create art that is both moving and easy to be with.

I fell in love with oil painting in my early 20's.  After graduating from the Academy of Art University in 2001, my artistic career began in San Francisco as a 3D character modeler and texture artist for video games.  In 2005, I moved to Connecticut with my husband and began painting oil portraits for commission.  After a couple of years we were ready to start a family, but because of the toxicity involved in oil painting, there were long periods in which I was unable to work.  When I finally was able to get back to the easel, I found that representational painting suddenly felt tedious.  I began experimenting with abstraction and my passion for color became the new inspiration for my work.

I love working with my clients to find their favored colors for a space and seeing how the right artwork can really bring a room to life.  I am always painting, so often there are pieces ready for purchase which are viewable through my website.  Prints are also available upon request.  If you would like to learn more please feel free to contact me- I would love to connect!

In addition to creating custom paintings, I am creating pattern designs to be used for textiles, wallpaper, pillows, bedding...  My work is available for licensing or collaboration and I am hoping to have it on products for purchase soon!